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Fall Soccer

Pets on the Field

Remember to Leave Your Furry Friends At Home

Pets are a special part of everyone's family! There are plenty of people, though, who are either allergic to or scared of animals. Even the best-behaved pets can become frightened and react to people and things around them; for those reasons, many AYSO fields across the country don't allow pets. Animals and their leashes can become tripping hazards to people along the sidelines in addition to being at risk of injury themselves.



If you are not getting emails from the Regional Commissioner please go into EAYSO.org and check the email that you have in your children's registration. Please make sure the email is correct for the primary parent and secondary parent. Also make sure the email for the player is for either the player or the primary parent.

Emails will be sent from noreply@ayso.org, please make sure this email address is not marked as spam or junk


Some space is still available in some divisions

Teams have been formed but some teams still have space. Please email Registration@ayso350.org to see if space is available for your child.

If Space is available continue with your Registration

See the Registration Page for more information

  1. Enroll your child at www.eayso.org
  2. Please remember you need to esign (put your name in) the application twice before the application will be finalized. (There should not be any red writing at the top of the page.)
  3. Pay online with a debit/credit card
  4. Print one copy for the region and one copy for your records.


Picture Day

Picture day is early this year. Pictures will be taken on September 20th. This means that the Team Banner needs to be completed and ready for pictures. See the Picture Day Page for more information