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Plan Now For Fall Soccer

Registration for Fall Soccer

Register now for Fall Soccer at www.eayso.org

We will be holding In Person Registration for Fall Soccer

  • When: July 25th and August 8th
  • 9 a.m.- Noon
  • Nortwest Center / Donna Liggins Recreation Center
  • 2160 N 6th Ave
  • For more information please look on the Registration Page.

    Pets on the Field

    Remember to Leave Your Furry Friends At Home

    Pets are a special part of everyone's family! There are plenty of people, though, who are either allergic to or scared of animals. Even the best-behaved pets can become frightened and react to people and things around them; for those reasons, many AYSO fields across the country don't allow pets. Animals and their leashes can become tripping hazards to people along the sidelines in addition to being at risk of injury themselves.